Maureen McKenna + Producer

Some people say they are a producer. Probably because it looks good on their business card. You probably know this type of producer.

The other type of producer---the one you really want-- lives it.

Because they own it. And you want a producer who owns their job. And yours.

For Maureen, it’s personal. You want that.

It’s better for you. Better for the project.

She’ll travel for work (she got a lot of stamps in her passport book.)

She’ll get your jokes too.

And we could go on about her 25+ years of experience. Her massive list of clients she’s served. Her agency work. Producing live shows. Feature film work. Broadcast work. And let’s not forget that she can make a mean chocolate chip cookie.*

But that would be bragging. Not her style. 

And aren’t you lucky. Maureen is for hire. (Unless she’s working for someone else)

*If you hire her, she’ll even give you the cookie recipe. Seriously.


Video & Production Credits

01 / We Belong

Production Company: Helicopter Pictures (Agency Producer)


02 / ARI: What is It? 

Production Company: High Heels & Bananas


03 / What's Cooking at McDonald's-Filet-O-Fish

Production Company: The Story Company


04 / This is Zion: One Year Later

Client/Agency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


05 / CHOP Branding :30 TV Spot

Client/Agency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


06 / Brand New Day

Client/Agency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


07 / Joint Decisions with Matt Iseman

Production Company: Janssen MultiMedia Services


08 / Meet Megan

Production Company: Janssen MultiMedia Services


09 / Cancer Awareness: Promos for the Parkway Run and Walk

Client/Agency: Children's Hosptial of Philadelphia


10 / Great Comebacks

Client: ConvaTec


11 / Holman Culture

Production Company: High Heels & Bananas


12 / Orthopaedics

Client/Agency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


13 / Simponi Aria Infusion Demo

Production Company: Janssen MultiMedia Services